For centuries, the sacred X-O Manowar armour has stood unrivaled as the universe’s most powerful weapon. Today, will it equal Earth’s doom? An unthinkable alien race known only as The Torment has come to our world in search of the armour’s secrets. Now, they stand opposed by Aric of Dacia – former slave, noble warrior, resolute king, and current master of the armour’s near-limitless capabilities. But is one man… and one weapon… enough to repel a force capable of leveling a thousand civilizations?

This is the explosive finale to a 50 issue masterpiece, which just so happens to be one of Valiant’s longest ongoing series. This is the moment the X-O Manowar title has been leading up to for quite some time now – everything comes to an end. Sort of. Either way, it must be difficult for Valiant to quit while they’re ahead and end a run that is this long.

Cleverly, Valiant opt to include a few double-page spreads to shed light on the history of the character – making up for the absent recap page that we’re so used to. We find out what’s been going on lately, and how he’s got to the point he’s at. You wouldn’t recommend a comic fan to read this series at #50, but it’ll get them up to speed in no time. The artwork in these pages are ridiculously good, they genuinely contain colours and detail that compete with some of the best comic books out there. That’s a bold statement and we’ll stick by it defiantly.

The battle on Earth brought to X-O by The Torment continues, but he manages to decipher and interpret answers to questions that were raised countless issues ago. Why are they here? Answered. What’s the motive for their mission? Also answered. We’re not going to ruin these things for you, but if you’re a fan of X-O then it’s in your best interest to get caught up.

Instead of making things back to normal at the end of the comic, Valiant make a strong move by allowing changes going forward – each of which will affect characters going forward. We’re treated to a number of subplots in this issue to accompany the big story, and each one adds a great amount of context to X-O while suggesting where the story could pick up from at a later date. We won’t ruin things, but we will admit that there will probably be a return next year.

9.8 Outstanding

A ridiculously impressive conclusion to an equally-impressive run.

  • Artwork 10
  • Story 10
  • Conclusion 10
  • Potential going forward 9

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