Wonder Woman #7 picks up the pace.

Since the current story starring Diana Prince has been split into two – we haven’t been that keen on the present day side of things. Especially the underwhelming instalment before this. This issue changes that completely. Before, there didn’t feel like a viable threat to the Goddess. But things pick up during this latest instalment. And it incorporates feminism in a big way, without being overtly obvious.Women helping each other is a huge theme in the story and It feels fluid and natural instead of the writers forcing a message down your throat. Plus, we’ll never get tired of Wonder Woman beating the living day lights out of villains… so there’s that too.

The story progresses to a resolution – however, it’s all very rushed. We’ve gone from not really knowing much about the villain that the warlord is serving, to expecting to understand why he’s kidnapping women. But at the same time we’re also given this awful backstory into how Cheetah became the villainess we see before us. And whilst it’s hugely impactful on her character, the writers rush through it at such a pace that we aren’t really given enough time to understand how dire her situation actually is. Hopefully, they’ll explain it a little more in the next instalment of this story.

Overall, Wonder Woman #7 was the boot up the backside that this story needed. It picked up the pace and was genuinely an enjoyable read. It’s also refreshing to see a male hero have to be rescued by a woman instead of the other way round for once. There’s no point in the story that the writers make Wonder Woman helpless in her situation whatsoever. It’s ends up being a true testament to her character. So whilst sometimes the pacing is a little off – this story is rapidly coming into it’s own, even if it’s taken a while.


8.5 Intriguing

This is the issue that the story needed.

  • Wonder Woman 10
  • Plot 7.5
  • Character development 8

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