Wonder Woman #6 is slower paced, but that’s okay.

Honestly, there’s so much noise, action and craziness in comic books recently, that when one comes along that slows things down a little… it’s a breath of fresh air. And this issue does that perfectly. It takes time to develop Wonder Woman in her first encounter with the United States and our world as a whole. She may aswell be an alien, considering she doesn’t speak English and understands next to nothing of what’s happening around her. It’s a situation we haven’t really seen her in before now. And it works a treat.

She’s shown to be truly vulnerable as an outsider in our security conscious world. Whilst she’s obviously physically not vulnerable – she’s like a frightened animal, overreacting at the slightest jump. And that’s completely unsurprising. It’s a completely character driven issue and we have no qualms with that whatsoever. The most touching scene by far, was Steve visiting his best friend’s widow and daughter, promising to look after them. It shows just how caring the soldier is, giving him an extra dimension of emotional range that we didn’t think was possible for what was once a very boring character.

Wonder Woman #6 is starting to help piece the puzzle together behind Wonder Woman’s identity and why she can’t find her homeland. Hopefully the main story will start to make a lot more sense when it picks up in the next issue. We have to eat our previous words however. We initially thought this rehash of her backstory was going to be pointless and boring. And it’s anything but. Seeing the origin story from different perspectives and in a different style is thoroughly entertaining to read. If you’re looking to find out more about the amazonian and get to know Diana Prince a little better – Wonder Woman #6 is the one for you.

8.5 A breath of fresh air

It takes the time to slow things down and show us Wonder Woman's first encounter with our society.

  • Character development 9
  • Emotional 8
  • Plot 8.5

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