Wonder Woman #5 sees Steve Trevor in a spot of trouble.

We have to admit, it’s a nice little twist. Flipping the stereotypical ‘damsel in distress’ role on it’s head and turning the macho army man into someone that needs saving. And it’s entertaining, but it feels like a gimmick. This portion of the story definitely feels more filler than killer. We get a little exposition about how Trevor’s storyline ties into Diana’s, but apart from that – it’s disappointing. The writers feel the need to remind us once again that Diana has no idea what’s going on with her past. And whilst the re-telling of her origin story in some of the issues has been done before – at least it’s consistently entertaining.

Although Wonder Woman #5 does give us a few more details on why she can’t get back to Themiscrya, which helped make the plot seem a little more well rounded. But the partnership between Diana and Cheetah doesn’t feel beneficial to the storyline. We can’t see why they needed to partner up except to give Wonder Woman someone to talk to along the way. Is she not capable of travelling alone or something? Hmm. To say that she’s one of the world’s most revered superheroes – this latest run really isn’t doing justice to the character if we’re honest.

We want to see Diana kicking ass and taking names, and whilst the existential route is intriguing, we’re not getting anything of substance to keep driving the story forward. The guerilla terrorist aspect of the plot is mildly interesting at best, and provides Steve Trevor with something to do (even if it is just to be taunted by the group’s leader). We hope that the next part of this story is a little more action packed. Because they’ve given us plenty of time to stop and catch our breath – but the soul searching is getting a little slow.

Wonder Woman #5 is a little disappointing to say the least, hopefully the next instalment becomes a lot better in terms of it’s pace.

6.3 Disappointing

The story is really slowing down a little too much.

  • Steve Trevor: Damsel in Distress 10
  • Plot 5
  • Pacing 5
  • Cheetah partnership 5

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