Wonder Woman #4 continues the origin of the Amazonian warrior.

And whilst the first instalment of the retelling of her origin wasn’t that great, the second part is genuinely brilliant. It shows us aspects of the Amazonians that we’ve not really seen before. It immediately follows up the plane crash in which Steve Trevor arrived at Themiscyra. It deals with the consequences that both Steve and Diana have to deal with when it comes to the next decisions after this. In our review of the first part of the origin, we wanted to see something new added to the story and we definitely got that.

The issue deals with the culture shock that comes to the Amazonians after they analyse the wreckage of the U.S forces plane. Even so far as to picking apart the meaning behind symbols adorned onto the soldiers uniforms and the U.S flag. And this genuinely makes sense. The writers don’t treat the warrior women as stupid. They debate whether the soldiers were there to invade the island, or if it was an accident. They talk about these situations in a way that our society would, this also leads them to draw parallels with our culture.

Wonder Woman #4

It’s a great issue in the aspect of giving the audience an insight into Amazonian culture. And even though it’s a relatively small part of a story that we’re familiar with, it makes for fantastic reading. Even down to the reasoning of Wonder Woman’s colouring on her costumes, it makes perfect sense. We’re so glad that the writers have decided to treat the audience to this diversion from the main storyline, it helps add to the legend of Diana Prince. Wonder Woman #4 hits it’s peak when the games end in Diana’s mother shooting at her to see how she would parry the shot. And the panels make excellent use of tension across the page, where the art and the story work in perfect harmony.

Overall, if this is the streak that the writers are going to continue on for Wonder Woman’s origin, we can’t wait for the next instalment.

9.3 Brilliantly insightful

Wonder Woman #4 gives the audience a beautiful inside look at the Amazonians in this expansion on a small part of the Wonder Woman story.

  • War-games 10
  • Amazonian culture 9
  • Writing 9

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