If you’re a fan of Diana Prince, then Wonder Woman #2 is going to be a huge feeling of deja vu for you.

Essentially, the story starts to re-tell how Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman actually meet. And whilst that’s fantastic for new readers, fans of the character already know the story. Steve Trevor crash lands on her island, and eventually they fall in love. It’s a story as old as time really, demi-goddess meets man – demi-goddess falls in love with man – and leaves her home. Obviously. It’s not that it’s a bad story. We’ve just seen it before several times. If you’re new to the character then it’s easy to read. But if you’re an old hat with comic books, prepare to roll your eyes and sigh.

At least, the story is updated slightly to move it into the 21st century. We see the brotherly bond grow between Steve and his best friend as they prepare to deploy with the army. It also builds up the emotional weight of the story as we see Steve’s friend start dating someone, get married and eventually have a child together. At first it felt like the writers were trying to ridicule Steve, by making him look completely alone. But then it became obvious as soon as the plane crashed.


This was possibly the redeeming feature of Wonder Woman #2, the writers clearly know how to engage with the readers and make them care about the characters on an emotional level. Which is a tool that shouldn’t be squandered. Hopefully they continue to use it to reinvent the origin story between the two otherwise this ‘Year One’ story will quickly become stale.

Whilst Wonder Woman #2 isn’t a bad issue, and seeing the parallels between the two characters before they met was a neat little tie in, it just felt like it was a filler story between the main plot. Hopefully they bring something new to the origin, otherwise – what’s the point?

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7.0 Average

It's still an interesting read, but it's hard not to think that we've seen this before.

  • Steve Trevor army origin 7
  • Emotional gut punch 10
  • Diana meets Steve 4

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