This issue takes us back to one of Diana’s first battles in the main world, as Wonder Woman #14 pits her against the God of War… Ares. Obviously. What follows is a fantastic tale that shows off  the heroics of the heroine as she still struggles to fit in with our society. Seeing Steve Trevor combine his military know-how with her brute strength flows brilliantly as a way of creating a resolution to the problems they face towards the end of the issue. Whilst the strength in the story completely lies with Wonder Woman, it’s clear the writers are bringing her supporting cast a closer.

The issue also plays with Greek mythology, Themiscyra and also interweaves the idea that Diana has no knowledge of where her home is. That in itself develops her character in a big way, being cast adrift away from her family. But the actual conflict between the two is definitely intriguing, and Ares proves to be incredibly intimidating in front of Etta, Steve and Barbara. In fact, he towers over Diana to such an extent that it’s difficult to see how she would overcome him. But that just cements her role as a protector.

It’s clear that the origin story in Wonder Woman #14 has reached the moment where she’s become the icon we’re familiar with. It’s a valuable insight into how the world embraced her, and how she earnt their trust. But just seeing her having drinks with the other characters and not spending all of her time with the Justice League is a breath of fresh air. This origin story works fantastically in telling the world’s first reactions to the Amazonian. But it also works in brilliant tandem with the main story of losing her home, whilst also being able to stand on its own as a singular plot.

9.0 Fantastic
  • Plot 9.1
  • Ares 9
  • Character development 9

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