Wonder Woman #11 introduces Diana back to Themiscyra… sort of.

She makes it back home alongside Steve Trevor, but all is not as it seems. Right from the start, Themiscyra seems a little too perfect. It’s as if someone has taken the simple idea of Diana’s homeland and exploited it. It all feels rather two-dimensional. Something that both Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are notice. We’re glad to see that the writers don’t treat them as stupid. They know a fake when they see one. In fact, the Amazonians feel almost robot-like. Westworld meets Themiscyra anybody?

The story also flits back to western civilisation, as Etta Candy comes across an adversary of her own. Who also seems to be of the robotic nature. Are the two instances connected? You can bet your bottom dollar they will be. THer portion of the story is relatively minimal compared to Diana’s. But it’s refreshing to see the writers flesh out a different character in the Wonder Woman mythology outside of the eponymous heroine or Steve Trevor. It also felt very much like an espionage/spy flick given the Sasha reveal. Double agents, devil dogs and lost empires… Wonder Woman #11 has everything.

Towards the end of the issue, Diana is shown something from her Lasso that doesn’t make much sense to the audience – but seems to affect her greatly. It makes us wonder if this is something to do with the Rebirth aspect of the entire DC continuity this far. Especially given that we haven’t been given much explanation on that side of things. Overall, this issue sets up even more questions that definitely need answering sooner rather than later. Our only worry is that the writers will drag this plot out as long as possible instead of providing us with a solution. Having said that, it’s an issue that really fosters that sense of curiosity and confusion that Diana has about her “home”.

8.8 Mysterious
  • Plot 9
  • Characters + Development 9.5
  • More questions 7.9

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