Wonder Woman #10 brutally introduces Diana to modern society.

And it’s a rather bloody introduction. Since this is a modern retelling of Diana’s origin, so instead of her coming to the U.S. (or the U.K. in the new trailer), during wartime – she comes in the 21st century. And obviously the Army have some reservations about allowing her out amongst civilians. But it proves to be beneficial as it gives Steve Trevor, Barbara-Ann and Etta Candy time to get to know the Amazonian a little better. Seeing these characters interact for the first time is (excuse the pun) wonderful. It’s fresh and new, something we haven’t seen in a long time.

And that’s exactly what DC needs, fresh and new. Even though we’ve seen her origin beforehand, it’s fantastic to see it in a different setting and in a completely different environment. The bulk of Wonder Woman #10 deals with a mass shooting in a shopping mall, and how Diana reacts to it. And it tells the reader everything they need to know about the character. Regardless of whether she’s familiar with a person’s culture, she’s not judgemental and is completely willing to defend their lives with her own. And it’s brilliantly written.

It features one of the most tense comic panels we’ve read in a long time. With speeding bullets heading towards a family, and Diana leaping forward to defend them. The way the artists choose to focus on certain parts of the shooter and Wonder Woman creates a sense of urgency when reading, that it’s hard not to be thoroughly impressed with their techniques. Even the way the writers deal with the media’s reaction to a female superhero is completely spot on – focusing on her clothes and her hair instead of the heroic act she’s just undertaken. They hit the nail on the head. Wonder Woman #10 is another fantastic addition to this retelling of the Amazonian’s origin.

8.9 Brilliant
  • Plot 9
  • Character bonding 8.4
  • Wonder Woman 9.4

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