The Juice Box Killer has given Detective Green the slip during a fight in Mrs. Boucher’s basement. Now armed with a special weapon from a different world, he’s ready for round two. Before the final showdown can begin, he must find his parner, Detective Fayez, who has mysteriously disappeared after filing a complaint about the NYPD with the FBI.

Weird Detective wraps up nicely – and really bloody peculiarly – with Issue #5. To stop the killings happening in the city once and for all, Greene has to take down a crazy figure from his past – just as his partner finds out who he really is.

The weird, quirky banter is very present throughout, but the story is driven by emotion. The relationship between the partners is the main source, and it really grounds the fantastical and ridiculous things that go on.

The artwork that brings the outlandish colours and tentacles to life has never faultered throughout the series – as far as we can remember – and this issue keeps up with the high standard. Even without knowing the story, Weird Detective is an impressive book that stands out visually.

8.8 Awesome

The Weird Detective himself has a lot on his plate going into Issue #5, here's our thoughts!

  • Artwork 9
  • Story 8.5

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