Having dispersed the Anzio crime famly and their fireworks barge all over New York City’s harbour, Detectives Sebastian Greene and Sana Fayez have upset the wrong brass in the NYPD. A demotion from the Minor Crimes Unit takes them to the streets to canvass for the Juice Box Killer. Clouded by her rage and suspicion towards Greene, Sana is unaware that things are about to plunge into new levels of weird.

Sometimes we feel as if this series lacks in the “detective” part of the title in favour of the “weird” half, but this issue makes up for it. This is a result of some mysteries discovered early on finally being put to rest, including the Greene’s big secret. On the flipside, the increase in detective material allows new mysteries to come into play, raising our interest levels even higher.

This particular issue tends to dip into the psyche of its characters more than previous issues, and it shines a light on the affect each character has on each other and the missions at hand. This issue perfectly sets up the conclusive fifth issue that’s promising lots of action and weird shit; the latter of which is exactly why we love this comic.

The artwork is stunning and strange, and required a lot more character to work than we’ve seen in the first three issues – and it allows for some of the best art we’ve seen from Guiu Vilanova. The backgrounds in particular panels are ridiculously amazing and capture the moment of the story incredibly well. The colours are what sets this apart from other comics though, it’s a weird pallete that sets a peculiar tone: something that fits the story and characters like a glove.

8.8 Awesome

Read Weird Detective #4 if you like comics. We promise it's good.

  • Storyline 8.5
  • Artwork 9

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