Weird Detective #3 is weird. It’s quite a fitting title really. This issue features a monster, an alien backstory, and plenty of witty dialogue. Sebastian Greene, the weird detective in question, is a 70’s television rip-off more-so now than in any other issue. This is a great thing in case you’re wondering.

Greene has been partnered with Detective Sana Fayez so he can be monitored since he’s quickly improved in the detective department. This issue sees the duo continue their hunt for the Juice Box Killer, not only that but Fayez is looking into Greene to see what’s going on. These storylines interweave wonderfully and keep you on your toes throughout, increasing the tension to very high levels at time.

Weird Detective

This comic is doused in nostalgia and vintage tones, it’s dull at times and stupendously bright at times too. The spectrum and range of colours are a spectacle to look at and match theĀ weird storyline seamlessly. It’s a police procedural story mixed with horror, monsters, and aliens. If you’re into those things, then readĀ Weird Detective. You won’t be disappointed.

9.5 Weird

Weird Detective #3 features a detective. A weird one. How fitting!

  • Weird Detective himself 10
  • Interweaving storylines 10
  • Artwork 9
  • Nostalgia 9

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