The adoptive son of Odin is vying for Midgard’s sear of power, declaring that he’s running for President of the United States. His platform is simple: “I’m going to lie right to your face and you’re gonna love it.” The masses are enamored with Loki, but Daily Bugle corresspondent Nisa Contreras isn’t fooled. Contreras is set on proving the God of Mischief is up to no good, but Loki’s not making it easy.

Contreras unearthed evidence that Loki was funded by cult, a fact Loki just spun in his favour. When she revealed that Loki was helping Latverian radicals cause civil unrest, the people just rallied behind him even more.

First things first, this issue features some awesome appearances from Thor, Angela, and Rocket & Groot to a lesser extent. They help to add a fresh perspective on the presidential race as they’re going to be affected by the result. Instead, they want Loki to lose but for reasons different to Nisa. They work together with the eager journalist and unveil even more dodgy dealings by the God of Mischief.

This whole series feels like a purposeful and exaggerated reflection of Modern Politics – and it’s never been more relevant as the ridiculous race between Clinton and Trump is on. Loki dials his devilish charm up to 11 as he goes live to answer questions from Nisa, swearing he only wants to be honest and truthful. In doing so, he’s proven to be a terrible candidate who only has his own interests on his agenda.

This series ends well, with Loki rightfully losing out. He still manages to find solace in the result though, as he feels like he’s made a change on a smaller scale, and that’s what was meant to happen. It proves his ego hasn’t deflated over the course of the four issues, and we’re glad.

8.6 Awesome

Will you Vote Loki? It seems like the public will, but that could change by the end of Issue #4.

  • Relevant reflection on politics 9
  • Loki's ego 9
  • Nisa and J. Jonah 9
  • Artwork 8
  • Cameos 8

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