In the previous issue, Nisa – a reporter for the Daily Bugle – uncovered that Loki’s presidential campaign was funded by a cult who worships the God (and a goat). Loki used his mischievous ways and cheeky attitude to play it off and make it work in his favour, so Nisa is now pursuing a new lead.

There’s a huge civilian rebellion taking place in Latveria since Doom stopped ruling it, and this ties in with the storyline of Loki’s presidential race. Nisa, using her journalistic skills, uncovers that Loki is directly involved in killing civilians and causing mayhem in the country – despite talking down violent actions to the public earlier on. Just when it seems like Loki is out of running to be the next President of the United States, it’s revealed that he’s leading in every single poll.

This story is humorous at times and serves as a good reminder than politics is really bonkers in comics too, not just in real life (you know exactly who I’m referring to, but here’s a hint: his name rhymes with Tonald Drump). It’s an entertaining comic though we can’t help but imagine that every issue where Loki doesn’t become the president is just delaying the inevitable – but we don’t think he’ll stay in power for long. He seems like the kind of guy who’d get bored of limited power and seek a bigger source of satisfaction.

If you want a break from theĀ Civil War II titles that are ongoing at Marvel, this could be the comic for you – especially if you want something more lighthearted. It focuses on two compelling characters, and is just plain bonkers.

8.0 Crazy

The Presidential Race for the United States of America is in full-swing, but will you Vote Loki?

  • Nisa and her determination 9
  • Loki being brutally honest (or so it seemed) 8
  • Exaggerated reflection of current events 9
  • Artwork 7
  • Storyline 7

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