Nisa Contreras, a reporter for the Daily Bugle, continues to try and stop Loki’s Presidential campaign. She’s taken to writing a scathing article for the paper, though the editor changed her title to make it seem like she’s in full support – she obviously has her work cut out for her.

Nisa gets a visit from Thor, who isn’t happy with her alleged support of the campaign. Once Thor reads through the column she soon realises that Nisa’s the person to take Loki down – the Avengers don’t like getting involved in Political agendas (besides Civil War, of course) so they’re staying out of it, and Thor isn’t quite welcome in Asgard so she can’t force his return. She leaves a clue, well what Nisa interprets as a clue, for the reporter as she leaves.

Vote Loki

Loki’s supporters are branded as psychopaths and crazy in the media, and as Nisa uncovers by trespassing in his supporter’s building, they are beginning to fully worship him. Nisa walks in on some supporters praying and worshipping a goat, which allows the media to have another reason to think they’re crazy – that is until Loki basically brands himself as a Religion and fully accepts that he is being worshipped.

The storyline overall is a tad strange though Issue #2 is infinitely more interesting than #1; fleshing out the plot well and steering it in an interesting direction. The artwork for the comic is rather impressive really, there are moments of beautiful detail and you really get a sense of Loki’s larger-than-life persona. Whether he’s prancing¬†about in the air or mischievously grinning to his supporters, you know he’s up to no good.

8.0 Cool

This is an interesting issue where Loki seems to embrace anything thrown his way, as Nisa tries her best to tarnish his reputation and put a stop to his Presidential campaign.

  • Loki's portrayal 9
  • Nisa's solid nerve 8
  • Storyline 7
  • Artwork 8

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