It sounds weird, but Vote Loki makes sense. Marvel have seen how popular (and strange) the U.S. presidential race has been over the past year, so having a comic series featuring one of their more popular characters seems rather logical. Though there’s some interesting concepts, Vote Loki #1 feels incomplete.

The premise involves a journalist, Nisa, who were first meet as a child. Her home was destroyed by a superhero battle and is exposed to a politician using promised funds for his own agenda. Fast forward to the present day and she’s caught in Loki’s surprising and new-found popularity at a political rally – she later finds herself completely entangled in his decision to run for the President of the country.

It’s refreshing that a human is the protagonist in a story, especially when it focuses on a Norse God. She’s the voice of the people, representing sanity and rational thinking – which is quite the opposite of the vain Loki. Though we’re happy with the writers choice to include a human in this way, it’s a shame that Nisa isn’t compelling or particularly interesting. We don’t really know her motivation besides the housing project, she feels very neutral and her dialogue is mostly based off of the other characters.

Vote Loki

The cover of Vote Loki #1 is caricature-esque and rather impressive, though we’re glad the comic itself isn’t as exaggerated for the most part. The artist draws faces expertly, displaying their emotion perfectly to match the dialogue to paint a perfect picture of the story. The only downside to the art is the action sequences; they just feel stiff and it doesn’t seem as if they’re actual moving or running away at all. Hopefully in upcoming issues, the artwork becomes consistent.

Vote Loki #1 is a fascinating and clever concept, but it’s not executed right. There’s definitely enjoyable moments but there’s also something missing that we can’t quite put our finger on.

7.0 Disappointing

Vote Loki #1 capitalizes on the U.S presidential race in a clever fashion, though it doesn't hit the ground running.

  • Concept 9
  • Execution 5
  • Artwork 7

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