The Vision has created his own Android family – his wife Virginia, his daughter Viv, and his son Vin – together they’re trying to live a normal life in Washington D.C. Of course, being an ex-Avenger and all, things were never going to well for Vision. Virginia had to kill a supervillain to protect her children, and she hid the body in their background; though this didn’t stay secret for long. Vision found out and swore to keep his family together no matter what, though Agatha Harkness has told the Avengers that this path will lead him to decimate Earth and it’s inhabitants. The Avengers sent another one of Ultron’s creations, Victor Mancha, to prevent Vision from doing what Harkness envisioned. When Vin learned his Uncle was spying, he was forced to take action.

Now you’re caught up, let’s get into Issue #9. We’ll get this out of the way: Victor Mancha is the reason Vision will turn against his friends and go into a fit of rage, but not for reasons expected. Mancha had been sent by the Avengers, and he was spying on the family – specifically Vision – to spot and prevent potential reasons for Vision to go rogue. Well, when he decided to trap and hurt Vin, he actually damaged him down to his core to the point of no return: he couldn’t be revived, nor fixed. Victor Mancha has killed Vision’s son, and that’s exactly what will tip the Android over the edge. This storyline is very interesting as it’s a mirrored view of humanity but with a slight twist, so there’s truths to the occurrences in the story and there’s great elaborations, as well as slight behavioral mockery.

The illustrations bring Androids to life, which could be a real challenge – how do you make robotic beings seem life-like without making them appear human? We don’t have the answers, but drawer Gabriel Hernandez Walta certainly does. The detail, especially on the main characters, is lacking a lot of the time, and the colours aren’t nearly as vibrant as we’d love. In summary, the art brings the characters alive but their surroundings are bland – the art does the job.

We’re looking forward to seeing the Vision spiral out of a healthy mental state and displaying his monstrous levels of power, could we see him kill a popular Marvel character? It’s unlikely but it should happen, he’s just that good.

8.3 Good

Victor's actions are set to spiral Vision out of control, and this issue built it all up nicely.

  • Vision's family 8
  • Brother-come-spy concept 8.5
  • Artwork 7.5
  • Story potential 9

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