This series has literally been Marvel’s best in a long, long time. Stories that connect on this level don’t come around often, and we’re genuinely upset that Issue #12 is the last in the series. It’s been an emotional and existential comic, and the finale continues the theme perfectly.

From what started as a personal and small story about Vision and his family moving to the suburbs, it’s ended with a big cast with even bigger heart. This issue dials is all down and goes back to its roots – more-so looking upon Vision and Virginia as they sit with their feelings that’ve come after some extreme actions.

The characterizations are insanely good, and some questionable actions from Vision in earlier episodes are remedied by discoveries that he’d been tampered with (well, kind of) – keeping his squeaky-clean reputation now he’s a big part of the movies. Either way, fans know he’s an extremely powerful being and he sides with logic – he could easily oppose other Avengers in the films, just look at Captain America: Civil War.

Another thing we feel necessary to note is the colours. The artwork is outstanding, but the consistent palette and aesthetic of this comic is unusual, and incredibly pleasing. The colours are used to express emotions you’d not think synthezoids could experience, and the shading is used to bring expert levels of detail.

Overall, this is an outstanding final issue for an almost flawless comic series. From start to finish, we’ve loved each character and each sub-plot. It’s a shame that it’s come to an end, but we’d rather it end on a high note than the story be strung out and drop in quality.

9.8 Incredible

Vision #12 is an outstanding finale for an almost flawless series.

  • Storyline 10
  • Colours 10
  • Artwork 9.5

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