The Vision is a synthezoid – an android composed of synthetic human blood and organs. He was created by Ultron to destroy The Avengers, but instead he turned on his “father,” and he’s been a member of the super hero team ever since.

Recently, The Vision built a synthezoid family for himself – wife Virginia (based on the brain patterns of the Scarlet Witch) and Children Vin and Viv (based on a combination of the Vision and Virginia’s brain patterns.) The four of them are trying their best to live a normal, peaceful life in a Washington, D.C. suburb.

Recrntly, Victor Mancha – a son of “Ultron” just like Vision – took action against Vin and it lead to his death. This has set Vision on the very pat that Agatha had seen – killing everybody and decimating the world.

And that’s what he sets out to do. The ongoing narratives come together to focus on Vision and his conflict with a bunch of Avengers. The vision by Ulysses seems to be coming into fruition, but only with the help of tragic unexpected twists such as the fates of Virginia and Victor.

This whole issue was an emotional gut punch, it’s been an almost-flawless run so far going into the final instalment and this part of the story is no different. It’s a tense comic full of the power and grace that has become synonymous with the persona of Vision – even at desperate times such as this.

We can’t recommend this comic, from Issue #1 up until now, enough. It’s the best comic Marvel has produced in a long time, and it’s literally masterful. At this point, Tom King can do no wrong and we are already impatiently waiting for Issue #12.

9.8 Outstanding

Stop what you're doing. Read our review. Go and buy Vision #11. Read it. Cry because you have to wait for the next issue. Carry on with what you was doing.

  • Storyline 10
  • Emotion 10
  • Family dynamics 9.5
  • Artwork 9.5

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