Who’d have thought that Marvel’s most emotional comic book would follow the story of an Android? After Issue #9’s emotional ending, we were so anxious as to how the last few issues of theĀ Vision series would end. After this issue, there’s only a couple left in the series and pretty much anything could happen at this point.

The Vision family are finding it difficult to fully comprehend what has just happened. There’s a huge element of existential dilemmas, and it makes for such an interesting read. These characters are Androids who think with almost pure logic and clarity, but they still don’t understand some of life’s big questions. These amazing characters and their emotions are brought to life wonderfully; you really feel their pain as you flick through each page.


The dialogue is insanely delicate and thoughtful throughout. Vision and his family are so close to breaking point, they’re discussing praying, the existence of God, and the concept of heaven. They want to believe their lost family member has transcended to this pace but their logical thinking makes it hard to imagine a place in the sky – it sounds almost controversial when we say it, but the writing is so delicate you never question what they are saying.

TheĀ emotional gravity is intense in this series, it’s undoubtedly Marvel’s strongest book in terms of character-driven storytelling. Each issue bleeds into the next effortlessly and we leap into each instalment with great excitement and anxiety as to what will happen next.

9.9 Intense

Vision and his family find it hard to cope with their tragic loss in what must be Marvel's best comic series.

  • Emotion 10
  • Vision and his family 10
  • Artwork 9.5
  • Story 10
  • Existential questions 10

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