Van Helsing vs. Frankenstein #2

This series helps bring classic decades old characters and immerses them into the 21st century, and it’s throughly entertaining. It’s wild, crazy and downright weird. The issue immediately picks up from the cliffhanger of . Even in the middle of a viscous fight with the Mothman monster, Van Helsing is shown to be incredibly intelligent and resourceful. Even if her hunting outfit isn’t exactly the most sensible or practical – she’s got the brains. So far, that’s our only criticism of the story. We can’t imagine an expert Monster Hunter would prowl the streets in a corset and high heels.

Now that’s out of the way, the story takes the time to show us these characters traumatised and hurting for a while before the story picks up again. It’s clear that the event still has Taylor in some kind of PTSD-like haze. Which is completely understandable given that her boyfriend (aptly named Franklin) is clinging to life in a broken, hollow body. We begin to get our first tease of the conflict between these two titanic characters from horror mythology. The artist brilliantly ramps up the tension of an argument with shots of Franklin’s restraints slowly buckling from his sheer brute force. It’s an artistic flair that helps add depth to Van Helsing vs. Frankenstein #2 .

Whilst we’re only just beginning to see the actual ‘vs.’ element come through in this issue, it’s still an intelligent, enjoyable read. It could be criticised for slowing the story down – but we feel that it needs to the context that the first two instalments provide. It gives the fight a little more weight and plot development rather than just a simple fight with yet another monster. This series is proving itself to be unpredictably weird, and we have no doubt that the writers and artists still have some more tricks up their sleeves.

8.0 Weirdly good.

This issue teases bigger things to come.

  • Plot 9
  • Characters 10
  • Van Helsing's outfit 3
  • Franklinstein. 10

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