Van Helsing vs. Frankenstein #1 is weird. But kind of cool.

Nearly everyone knows of Van Helsing, famed monster hunter/terrible film starring Hugh Jackman. But this comic is a retelling of the character. Liesel Van Helsing has had her family plagued by monsters for centuries, and her life is no different. She teams up with some new monster hunters and goes to town looking for ‘The Mothman’. Lovely. She’s also in a semi-stable relationship with the Greek God, Hades… if this story couldn’t get anymore unhinged. Although strangely enough, this steampunk tale of guts, monsters and kick-ass characters genuinely works well.

And that’s purely because it fully embraces the weirdness. It doesn’t chop and change the main elements in the story, but allows the reader to dive headfirst into this strange world populated with mysticism. What we will say, is that the issue can be overwhelmingly weird for first readers. And whilst it does a great job of introducing all these strange characters and bizarre plot lines – it’s easy to see how some might switch off throughout. However, we thoroughly enjoyed the story, and we always love seeing a badass female lead in popular narratives.

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It’s not until the last few pages of the issue that the story really starts to take off and we see how a certain villain might be born. It’s a brutal end to a character who seemed like they’d make a good partner for Van Helsing. And although the title of the issue is Van Helsing vs. Frankenstein #1, it feels more like a prologue to a main story rather than the actual plot itself. We’ll probably see the bones of the main plot start to form in the #2 issue. Overall, it’s an enjoyable comic, but be prepared for some seriously crazy goings-on.

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8.0 Weirdly captivating

Monsters, bad-ass leads and gratuitous violence... It's one hell of a ride.

  • Mothman v Van Helsing 8
  • Intricate + crazy plot 8
  • Ending 8

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