Well, this is definitely an inventive introductory issue for Marvel. Bobby da Costa, also known as Sunspot, is the head of A.I.M. and has recruited a bunch of heroes to join his side as the U.S.Avengers.

How is this team introduced? By filming TV spots, explaining exactly why they want to join the team and what’s lead them to the point they’re at. It’s the perfect spot for readers who aren’t familiar with recent storylines to get up to date: you meet characters such as Toni Ho, the new War Machine.

Not only Toni, but the new Red Hulk! He’s a bad ass Army General who’s allowed to Hulk out for an hour a day. It’s a S.H.I.E.L.D. initiative that A.I.M. took on and improved. Their goal is to provide the ultimate peace of mind and protection for America, and it’s pretty damn convincing that they can fulfill this promise.

This is definitely a sillier take on a team-up comic, so those with an affinity for light-hearted storytelling and plenty of action will probably get on with this book. It’s not as out-there as our beloved Great Lakes Avengers, but it’s less serious than the main Avengers series that’s ongoing.

We expect this to be an extremely patriotic series, perhaps overly so to the point where it’s ridiculous, but hopefully that’s a source of fun. We’re fine with tuning in every month if they give us a reason to, hopefully there’s plenty of them. The action we’ve seen so far has been limited but the core roster promises plenty.

7.6 Good

Sunspot's A.I.M. forms the U.S.Avengers to provide peace of mind and protection for America.

  • Characters 8
  • Fun 8
  • Artwork 8.5
  • Storyline (so far) 6

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