Trinity #3 literally delves into the psyche of Bruce Wayne.

It’s starting to become clear that whoever is responsible for the manipulation of the three heroes definitely is trying to mentally break them. And what better way to do that than to force them to live through their most painful memories? The issue plays with themes of grief and loss as we see a younger Bruce Wayne struggling to deal with the deaths of his parents. We often see the poignant moment from The Dark Knight’s life played out in flashbacks and opening scenes in movies. But to see the event and it’s ramifications so broadly scattered across the issue shows just how heartbreaking it was on the character.

Sometimes, it could be said that there is a disconnect with Batman and the reader. He’s a (relatively) normal bloke who comes up against the worst of the worst unfazed. We don’t often see the emotional side to the hero because he doesn’t have time to, it would slow him down. Trinity #3 helps the audience relate to him considerably, as we journey across his childhood whilst he deals with his trauma. But in some ways, it shows the beginnings of his character – the resilient nature that slowly begins to build inside him.

What this also does, is bring the three heroes closer together also. They weren’t exactly friends to begin with, but it looks like they’re already growing closer as each of them relive their worst moments. We can’t help but think if Wonder Woman’s turn will involve her loss of Themiscyra somehow. Given that this is one of the smaller titles compared to the rest of the current Rebirth run, it’s undoubtedly one of the best. It doesn’t constrain itself too much, and just allows the narrative flow without it being forced in a particular direction. If you’re looking to get to know some of the world’s finest heroes a little better – this is the story for you.

9.4 Brilliant
  • Character Development 10
  • Plot 9
  • Batman 9.2

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