Revolution for the most part has been a successful event for IDW Publishing. They’ve managed to bring together popular franchises and make it work, Transformers happens to be one of those franchises. This story focuses on Windblade, a transformer who doesn’t fight – instead, she’s a diplomat who can speak to Titans (basically, even more badass versions of Autobots).

Metrotitan has a message that needs to be told to Optimus Prime, he’s the last remaining prime but they know if they tell him that he’ll risk himself in the Revolution battle. Windblade does what she does best to bring out a side of the Titan that we didn’t know existed.

Plenty of other stuff happens – of which we won’t spoil – but it’s pretty damn good. The story is a breath of fresh air in the event and gives the spotlight to a great Transformer. This story fits into the main event a lot more than other tie-ins such as Civil War II and its subsequent derivatives.

The artwork lives up to the complex and enlightened storytelling, and imprints it own unique style onto the characters while bringing them inline with each other (look at the Micronauts, for example).

9.5 Amazing

Revolution continues to impress with Transformers: Till All Are One #1.

  • Windblade 10
  • Storyline 9
  • Artwork 9.5

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