The story so far: across the planet, deposits of Ore-13 explode. All eyes point toward Optimus Prime and his Autobots, and Marissa Faireborn is removed as head of the Earth Defense Command. She’s replaced by Joe Colton and G.I. Team – but Colton is killed, revealing his forces have been infiltrated by shape-changing Dire Wraiths.

After starting with a Marissa having a meeting with the President, this comic follows Thundercracker and his dog Buster on their journey to take on the Dire Wraiths. This ties in to the main Revolution story well and delivers an entertaining one-shot that shows Decepticons can do some good.

The white house is infiltrated, and that causes enough fun on its own. The artwork doesn’t keep up with the fun – it’s pretty dull to be honest. Not only that, but it tries to keep up with the fun and fails to do so, meaning it all looks a bit rushed and shaky rather than energetic.

This comic doesn’t explore new corners of the Hasbro universe, but it’s a satisfactory little story that stems from the entertaining Revolution event from IDW Publishing. The characters go a long way to make it worth a read.

7.3 Good

What do Transformers do during IDW's Revolution event? Fight off hordes of Dire Wraiths in the White House, of course.

  • Story 8
  • Action 8
  • Artwork 4
  • Characters 9

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