Titans: Rebirth brings Wally West back into the fold.

The premise of the issue is that Wally returns to the Teen Titans in an attempt to see if his friends will remember him like The Flash did. But unfortunately at first, none of them have a clue who this speedy intruder is. It’s also the middle of the night, and he’s an intruder… cue fight. The first person Wally comes across is Nightwing A.K.A. Dick Grayson. But in the ensuing fight, a bolt of blue lightening hits Nightwing, and he starts to remember everything. The bolt seemingly comes from Kid Flash… is this a new power?

The issue works brilliantly well as a follow on from DC Universe: Rebirth and The Flash: Rebirth. Wally was such an important character, it’s great to have him back in the continuity. The dialogue is very quick and snappy at first. But as the issue progresses it starts to become more heartfelt. Dan Abnett easily conveys to the audience how much the team have missed Wally when their memories are restored. He seamlessly intertwines Kid Flash’s memories with the corresponding fights. Our favourite flashback has to be when he and a young Dick Grayson take the Batmobile for a joyride. It’s just so appropriate for those two characters and gives some weight behind their friendship.

The issue feels very much like a homecoming for Wally and the rest of the Teen Titans. It gives the group the tight bond that has been missing from previous stories. It’s refreshing to see a comic with a happy ending, as the Titans: Rebirth team slowly come to remember Wally and their respective friendships with him. This only complimented by the colourful art throughout the book, which really helps cement the feeling that DC Comics is back on top form. Especially considering Kid Flash’s new powers, the vibrant colours jump from panel to panel – making this an easily readable issue.

Overall, we loved Titans: Rebirth, even more so than some of the main Justice Leaguers’ issues. It felt concise and told the story without any extra unwanted parts. We’re so glad to have Wally West back in the fold – this is DC Comics at it’s finest.

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9.0 Brilliantly heartwarming

With Wally West finally back in the fold of the Teen Titans, we're given a heartwarming issue as old memories come flooding back to the team. This is DC Comics at it's finest.

  • Art/Colour 8
  • Writing + Depth of characters 9
  • Wally West is back. 10

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