Throwaways is a new series written by Caitlin Kittredge, drawn by Steven Sanders, and published by Image Comics. The basic premise goes as such: Abby Palmer and Dean Logan are two broken people—Abby a vet with severe PTSD and Dean a burnout trying to escape the shadow of his infamous father—when they are thrust into a modern-day MK-ULTRA conspiracy… and discover they are both ULTRA’s human experiments.

A quick explanation as to what ULTRA is: it’s mind control, funded by people’s tax contributions. Picking up in the present day homeless Dean Logan and PTSD-plagued Afghanistan veteran Abby Palmer are caught in gunfire, using a car to save themselves. We have no idea as to who wants them dead, why they want them dead, and how they’re in this situation. Dean uses some impressive powers to quickly solve their dilemma, and that’s how Throwaways #1 begins.

The artwork (linework and colours) is handled by Sanders, and we can only describe it as murky and gritty; matching the tonality and content of the story rather well. Unfortunately this comic’s progress is on a steep decline, getting less and less interesting as time goes on – the premise is cool and it starts off well, but we soon lost interest. There’s a couple of shocking scenes, one including Abby’s CO at a group meeting, but there’s not too much else that really had us gripped.

We almost feel like the title of this comic, Throwaways, is what should be done with this issue. There’s no basis for us to recommend this book to you, besides possibly the artwork and the potentially interesting storyline. We’re massively into conspiracies, but there’s just something missing – we’ll grab issue #2 to see where it goes from there, it’s hard to judge an entire series from one standalone installment.

6.0 Alright

Throwaways starts off well but finds itself on a steep decline as the issue reads on.

  • Premise 8
  • Execution 3
  • Artwork 7

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