Nadia Pym, the new and unstoppable Wasp, is delightful. Her origin is bleak, grim, and strictly unfair, but her undying positivity and willingness to learn is refreshing. Nadia was raised in The Red Room in Russia after being born days before her mother’s death. She’s the daughter of Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man. Pleasantly enough, her name means Hope, which is obviously the name of her step-sister.

Not only is Nadia a ray of sunshine, but she’s proving to be a positive role model for all: she enters every situation with great optimism and a winning attitude. It goes deeper than that though: there’s practical science and engineering tips in the issue – you learn a lot by following her story. Nadia’s value is clear no matter which way you look at her, so we’re incredibly impressed with her debut issue.

This is very much a fish-out-of-water story with Nadia learning the way of the world as she stumbles around it. Whether it’s missing references to popular franchises like Star Wars and Harry Potter or not looking both ways across the road, Nadia’s innocence shines through. We’re seriously impressed with the level of personality and expression that this issue conveys.

The artwork is detailed in places and makes action a lot of fun. The expression, admittedly, isn’t always evident in the art but the script does such a good job that it’s not necessarily required. The Wasp suit is perhaps our favourite version of the costume we’ve ever seen, and we’re so, so ready to join Nadia on her quest to reinvent the list of the smartest people in the world.

9.4 Amazing

The first issue of The Unstoppable Wasp introduces Nadia as a wonderfully positive hero with an outstanding personality. We're impressed!

  • Nadia's attitude 10
  • Personality 10
  • Artwork 7.5
  • Quest to reinvest the list and become great 10

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