So far, The Ultimates have not had an easy ride. They’ve dealt with Thanos, tossed and turned over Ulysses, and there’s plenty more that’s been teased. One thing that’s stayed the same though is the quality of this comic; it’s been pretty damn good throughout. The team are fairly involved in Civil War II, especially since their leader is spearheading one of the two sides.

We were hoping the team behind the comic made things even more unstable for the superheroic group, and they did just that. Blue Marvel, a member of the team who doesn’t like where things are heading, believes strongly in his own views and they don’t align with those of the group. It’s a great dynamic and is proving to cause a bit of trouble.

The Ultimates

Thanos is currently playing with Anti-Man’s mind to manipulate him in some way, though that’s yet to be revealed. He was defeated too easily early in Civil War II, so what he’s planning to do now – and why he needs help – is sure to require some involvement from The Ultimates to stop it.

Basically, the stakes are raising for the team and the comic is continuing on a great path. If you want more of the storyline then you’ll need to go out, buy Issue #10, and read it for yourself. We don’t want to spoil it for you because it’s extremely interesting – we recommend this run thoroughly.

8.3 Awesome

The Ultimates have their work cut out for them in future issues, that's for sure.

  • Civil War II tie-in 7
  • Storyline 9
  • Artwork 8
  • Thanos' threat 9

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