When The Punisher raided a drug warehouse run by the mercenary outfit Condor, the last thing he expected to find was Olaf, his old commanding officer. Olaf happily gave Frank info on Condor’s operations, claiming he was tired of being overlooked. However, he’s also using Frank’s crusade against Condor to undermine his rival, the maniacal Face, and gain better standing with the Boss.

Frank’s not the only one trying to bring down Condor. D.E.A. Agents Ortiz and Henderson were following closely… that is, until they got into a firefight with Frank and Face, ending with Agent Henderson literally falling into Face’s clutches Now Ortiz is out for blood, and all leads point to Condor’s main production facility, Exeter Asylum.

We’d like to point out that Becky Cloonan and Steve Dillon are quickly becoming a dream team for The Punisher. If you couldn’t decide on them already, then this issue will cement the fact they really know Frank, and they really know how to bring out the best in him.

We see the signature Frank, reveling in chaos and mayhem as he (reluctantly) partners up with Ortiz to escape Face’s trap at the Asylum. There may be plenty of violence, but it’s calculated. There’s a lot of tactics involved, and it’s basically The Punisher’s take on a cat and mouse chase.

It’s expected to see loads of blood and death in a Punisher comic, and Steve Dillon delivers. This issue will be amongst some of the most violent and gruesome comics you’ll ever see from Marvel, and probably out of any other comic publisher too. The artwork is precise, just like Frank with any weapon he can get his hands on, and it suits the storyline ridiculously well.

This is a captivating and vintage issue the The Punisher doing what he does best: kill.

9.4 Brutal

This is a vintage issue of The Punisher, making this series one of Marvel's most exciting in 2016.

  • Storyline 8.5
  • Captivating 9.5
  • Vintage Punisher 10
  • Artwork 9.5

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