The Hellblazer #1 sees Swamp-Thing return to ask for a favour.

The Rebirth issue of John Constantine’s return was absolutely fantastic, showcasing everything we needed to know about the anti-hero and more. It wonderfully gave us an insight as to who he is personally and also as a magician. And the first issue of this solo series does exactly that, but it has the added benefit of adding in newer/classic characters that are synonymous with Constantine. So for example, Swamp-Thing plays a big part of the story, and in a genuinely funny way.

This issue tells the audience everything they need to know about John Constantine within the first few pages in a such a unique and fantastic way. We’ll put it this way – a hungover, naked Constantine talking to a disembodied Swamp-Thing inside a Greenhouse in South London. It’s unbelievably weird and crazy but yet, it works for the narrative brilliantly. It’s these types of outlandish plot-points that really set The Hellblazer #1 apart from the rest of the DC Comics continuity. You wouldn’t find Superman naked in a greenhouse with Swamp-Thing for example.

The Hellblazer #1

In terms of the series’ plot – the issue sets up something for an over-arching story. It involves two men, who might be something more sinister – one of which carried out the assassination that sparked off World War One. So if they conspired to do something that catastrophic… what else do they have planned? Lets hope Constantine isn’t naked to fight that battle. Overall, we couldn’t help but love The Hellblazer #1, it’s wild, crazy and downright weird. The artwork alone sets it apart from any of the other mainstream DC Comics, featuring a very distinct style. It’s perfect for Constantine.

A perfect start to a brand new solo series, we can’t wait to see what else is in store for John Constantine.

9.0 Brilliant

Weird, crazy, and downright brilliant.

  • Disembodied Swamp-Thing 9
  • Constantine 10
  • Plot 8

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