The Flintstones #1 is genuinely pretty good.

So right from the get go, The Flintstones #1 has an interesting method of storytelling. It starts in the Museum of Natural History, with a neanderthal on exhibit. After a little exposition from the Museum’s manager, we’re whisked away to Bedrock, 10,000 years ago. To say this is an adaptation of the classic Hanna Barbara cartoon series, it certainly has an imaginative way of storytelling. The most notable thing about the opening, is it’s prehistoric take on popculture. Before we’ve even met the characters we can spot things like ‘Starbrrks Coffee’ ‘Wammoth, Bammoth, thankyou Mammoth’ and the Bedrock equivalent of FedEx… ‘BedEx’. The writers clearly have a sense of humour.

It’s great to see that they’re not taking things quite so seriously, and the whole issue works well as a piece of satire. In fact, it wouldn’t look out of place in a newspaper somewhere, making fun of things in real life. Like Andy ‘Warthog’ for example. The issue is chock full of little references to things in pop culture that you’ll spend most of the reading time keeping an eye out for other parallels of a similar nature. Especially since the style of art blends the original look of the cartoons with modern comic aesthetics.


Whilst the first three quarters of the book are crammed full of satire, the last few pages are actually quite heavy hitting. Wilma details how her handprint art is actually hugely significant to her as person, and the meaning to her tribe. It then gets a little deeper as she explains that she feels like no one understands her. Add that to the fact that Fred and Barney are both veterans from the ‘Paleolithic Wars’, and you actually have quite an emotional set of events. Bet you didn’t think you were going to get an emotional story in The Flintstones #1 did you?

We’re not actually complaining though, it’s a welcome addition to the beloved cartoon series. And actually, seeing that the writers have taken the time to keep the humour in and add some emotional beats in makes reading it all the more worthwhile. Genuinely, give The Flintstones a go, you might be surprised at how much you enjoy it.

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8.2 A surprisingly great read

This adaptation of the popular cartoon is genuinely a great read, mixing humour and emotional beats to bring you back to Bedrock once more.

  • Fred/Barney are war veterans 8
  • Wilma's emotional crisis 8.5
  • Pop culture satire 8

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