The fastest man alive is back in The Flash: Rebirth #1.

The issue takes some of the pages collated in the DC Universe: Rebirth issue, and sees the return of Wally West to the main continuity. That’s right, the original red haired, yellow suited Kid Flash is back everybody. And he’s faced with the daunting revelation that nobody remembers him as he was, but only the new version of himself. It’s one that The Flash has faced before, after The Flashpoint Paradox, so he can most definitely relate to how that feels. To say that The Flash is one of the more light hearted characters of the DC Universe, he and his friends certainly attract tragedy into their lives (especially on the TV show). But when the two are reunited, it’s a touching scene, with Barry wondering how he could ever forget such a close friend – it’s as if there’s something bigger at work…


We get to see The Flash just being a normal hero (if there is such a thing), in the way of just going around the city, saving peoples lives and stopping disasters before they can cause any real damage. It’s great to see a character go about their normal(ish) routine without having to stop a supervillain every five seconds. In an age of hyper-reactive villains that are looking to destroy timelines or galaxies, it’s a breath of fresh air that the writers include everyday heroics.

There’s a brilliant moment in the first issue of The Flash: Rebirth where Barry teams up with Bruce Wayne (still in full Bat-Mode) as they attempt to figure out why this is all happening. This leads Bruce to explain that a smiley face badge was left embedded in the wall of the bat-cave after Wally’s vision appeared to him. Any fans of the classic comic book (and film) will know that this points to the Watchmen. It’s likely that over the course of various different titles, that we’ll begin to uncover just what happened in this giant reset. We’re probably going to see all of our heroes crossing over into each others’ stories, and this can only be a good thing.

Overall, with the return of Wally West and the Bruce/Barry scientist team-up, the first issue of The Flash: Rebirth was a brilliant read. It leaves us looking to the future in anticipation for things to come. Make sure you stay tuned into Heroes Direct for the latest comic book news.

9.2 Superbly written.

With the return of Wally West - this issue of The Flash couldn't be stronger. It's purely character driven and it's written fantastically. The scene with Wally's return was emotional and touching, and the Bruce + Barry team-up just made perfect sense.

  • Wally's return 10
  • Bruce + Barry team up 9.5
  • The mysterious yellow character at the end... 8

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