The Flash #8 brings Godspeed’s birth to a close.

But that doesn’t mean he’s gone for good. The issue is like the final fight in a movie, and it’s so satisfying. Especially since Wally joins in the fight. And whilst some of the aspects seem a little bit far fetched (creating a speed-suit out of thin-air) it’s still a fantastic read. It’s easy to look past the wilder parts of the story when the characters are so brilliantly written. And that also includes the villain himself. We could write a whole piece centred around Godspeed and his mentality – it’s genuinely intriguing.

Especially given his relationship with Barry both in and out of their costumes, it makes for brilliant reading. Because neither of them are really trying to kill the other – quite the opposite in fact. But that just makes the plot that much more compelling. Because the audience has had time to connect with August on a personal level – it’s harder to push him straight into the villain role purely because we know what he’s been through. But fundamentally, he’s a villain. So his role isn’t quite an anti-hero – but we don’t fully dislike him either. His role is one of the most interesting things to come out of the Rebirth run of The Flash.

We also have to talk about great it is to see Wally and Barry back together side by side once again. The writers also did themselves a favour by getting the issue with Iris out of the way first instead of dragging it out for too many issues. That gives them more room to explore fresh perspectives and storylines instead of hashing out things we’ve seen hundreds of times before. All in all, The Flash #8 is a brilliant ending to this storyline, even it’s not quite finished. We’ve no doubt that plot strands will stretch across into the next portion of Barry’s life. If you’re a fan of The Flash, this is one for you.

9.0 A great read

A brilliant ending to a well written story.

  • Godspeed 9
  • Plot 9
  • Character development 9

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