The Flash #2 sees Barry Allen train up a new speedster.

So after the ending of the previous issue, The Flash has to teach Detective August Heart about the speedforce and his new powers. It’s an interesting dynamic between the two, especially since Heart had already worked out The Flash’s secret identity. Although he guesses it very easily. So haven’t more people guessed? If we go by the logic that the Detective does, then it would be the worst kept secret in comic books. At least they didn’t spend a couple of issues dragging out the identity reveal to Heart. That would’ve been slightly boring to read.

It’s great to see Barry have a partner again, both in the workplace and in heroics. As August quickly becomes his best friend and very close ally. And since they’re both speedsters, they can stop crimes instantly. So why wouldn’t they? It’s an interesting debate that comes up when August wants to takeout  a group of terrorists before they can hurt anyone. Which in theory makes sense, but where would they draw the line? Almost sounds similar to Civil War II over at Marvel Comics

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Although when they team up to save Iris (Again. Yawn.), they seem to be quite effective as a duo. Although where did August fashion his costume and goggles from? He was first stood in the road, and then comes racing in with a full costume adorned with lightening bolts and everything. Hmm. Comic book logic eh? The villainous Black Hole seem to be one of the primary antagonists for The Flash this year, and it’s possible that they have something to do with the issue’s cliffhanger.

If there are hundreds of Speedsters in Central City, things are soon going to run awry. Not all of those people will be good afterall. If the speedforce has chosen each one of them then there’s definitely a reason behind it. But we can’t help but draw comparisons to the recent Spider-Man story, Spider-Island, when everyone in New York gained the same powers as the webslinger. And that didn’t end well either. Will The Flash go down a similar route? Only time will tell.

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8.2 Intriguing

More speedsters, more threats. We're interested to see where The Flash will go from here...

  • Iris "damsel in distress" West 4
  • Barry + August duo 10
  • Black Hole villains 8
  • Speedster storm 10
  • August figuring out Barry's identity 9

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