Superwoman #1 features not one, but two Superwomen.

And we love it. Since Superman has been a little all over the place lately, we get a female counterpart that does his job for him… if not better. But who does this new hero turn out to be? The one and only Lois Lane of course. And she fills this role perfectly. It’s a bit of a steer away from the classic comics. But it’s a direction that we’ll willingly embrace, because it’s a brilliant story. It works so well to have more female heroes, and doing them in a sensible manner – not giving them wholly emotional arcs just fits DC Comics like a glove.

That is until a second Superwoman comes onto the scene. Yeah, you read that right. And not only did she know Clark Kent but… this is Lana Lang. Two female characters that have both been tied strongly to Superman as his sidekicks/love interests/emotional centre are both know Superwomen. And when they team up, it makes for brilliant reading. As Metropolis’ new ‘hero’ is Lex Luthor… and it’s clear that he’s definitely no hero. Especially when one of his science experiments nearly decimates part of the city using a military ship. And then even more so in the final pages of the issue leaving us on a huge cliffhanger.

Superwoman #1

Overall, Superwoman #1 is a great introduction into these two new characters. And whilst Lois has fully embraced her new role as Superwoman – Lana is a little more reluctant. But this makes for a compelling read, especially given that she’s struggling with anxiety issues after Clark’s death. And this new role has become something of a demon for her. But seeing her overcome this in spite of everything is visually fantastic.

It’s a brilliantly written issue, and we can’t help but love the idea of more female heroes dominating DC Comics during their new Rebirth titles. It flows brilliantly across from other titles, and helps make the series feel more well rounded.

We can’t wait to see what they have in store after Superwoman #1.

9.3 Brilliant.

Superwoman? We can't get enough of her. Superwomen? Fantastic. New favourite characters? Definitely.

  • Superwomen 10
  • Lex Luthor 8
  • Complex characters 9
  • Lois Lane + Lana Lang 10

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