For new readers, Superman: Rebirth is a little confusing to begin with.

We’re shown a panel at the start of the issue of a black suited Superman and The New 52’s Superman involved in a fight that leads to the death of The New 52’s version via Kryptonite poisoning. And after he dies, this Pre-Flashpoint Superman is looking to break his body out to regenerate it in the Fortress of Solitude. Right. This other version of Superman seems a lot more conflicted and stern than his New 52 counterpart ever was, and he even borders on unlikable at times.

Superman was one of the first classic superheroes that everyone loves, and to make this other version of him feel strange and (ironically) very alien to the typical image we’re used to, is a very bold move. But, that doesn’t always mean that it’s the best decision. And unfortunately with this issue, it’s most definitely not the best decision. In a strange way, Superman has always been relatable, in the way that he’s struggling to find his place in the world – much like the rest of society. But this version of Supes just feels cold. Is he taking cues from Henry Cavill in Batman V Superman?


Also, since when did Lana Lang become Catwoman? Her role in the issue is to return Clark’s ashes to Smallville to be with his family. She’s shown to be breaking into the memorial/grave… which if you think about it, is pretty dark. She’s literally a grave-robber, obviously her intentions are well meant, but still. It’s certainly a little odd. To say that the other rebirth titles have been an excellent read, Superman: Rebirth just feels weak in comparison. Is this because of a lack of real Superman? Most probably. And even at the end of the issue, there’s no actual resolve to the problem, which essentially makes this whole story pointless.

We can’t say we’re convinced with this Pre-Flashpoint Superman, and if he’s to become the new main focus of the Superman issues to come, it’s hard to look forward to them. It’s a shame really, given that he’s such a classic character. Maybe it’s because the other Rebirth titles have all been filled with some positivity and hope for the future, whilst this one is down in the dumps, but we really didn’t enjoy it.

Whilst Superman: Rebirth #1 was a definite disappointment, the other Rebirth titles have been fantastic so far. Check out our thoughts of all The Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Arrow rebirth issues. Make sure you stay up to date with the latest comic book news here at Heroes Direct.

5.3 Disappointing.

The Superman: Rebirth #1 issue is a little disappointing, giving us a Pre-Flashpoint Superman that is cold and hardly likeable. Maybe it'll get better with time, but for now we're a little disappointed.

  • Black Suited Superman 6
  • Lana Lang: Grave-robber 5
  • No resolution to the story 5

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