Superman #9 (2016) review

So after Superman, Jon and Krypto found their way onto Monster Island, and stumbled onto the cave detailing The Losers death, someone found them. And we thought the small link to the classic DC team was great, until they introduce Captain John Storm. He adds a whole new dynamic to the issue, especially with his ‘man out of time’ themes. And for someone who’s been alone for forty years, he’s still relatively sane – making for an excellent partner for the super powered father/son team. It’s a shame that he’s only limited to this series, it would be great to see him come back to the mainstream continuity.

A lot of Superman #9 reminded us of the latest Godzilla film and the King Kong trailer. An island of monsters, all wanting to eat you alive. Lovely. So whilst the bulk of the action was just the team fighting monsters, it meant they didn’t have to hold back. The only drawback to the issue was that for the most part – there didn’t seem to be a plot regarding the alien technology. Plus, it didn’t really make sense for the giant gorilla to have the tech in his eye. It felt a little bizarre.

Luckily, towards the end of the issue, we get a quick glimpse of what we assume is the puppet master of the entire situation. It wasn’t overtly obvious as to who it was controlling all these creatures – but we can bet that he’ll come up against Superman pretty soon. It was great to see the writers developing the relationship between father and son a little further from the last issue. Seeing them fight together as a team works rather well, especially with Krypto in the mix. Overall, Superman #9 is an action adventure that manages to reel the reader in for the next instalment.

8.5 Exciting
  • Plot 7.9
  • Character Development 8.7
  • Captain Cloud 9

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