Superman #8 gets monstrous.

Just like any Dad would – Superman helps Jon with a science project for school. But since this is a superhero comic, that science experiment has some wild ramifications. He builds a drone that assimilates itself with some of the Fortress of Solitude’s crystals – and then transports them to a desert island somewhere in the Pacific. Obviously. What happens from here sees the series get a little crazy. More so than we’ve seen this far, but in a good way. Imagine Monster Island from Godzilla, and you’re about there. Literally.

It’s Superman, Superboy and Krypto versus giant monsters and dinosaurs. We see them traversing across this island looking for answers. What they actually find is very tantalising to DC Comics fans who know their history. It  A few years ago there was a movie adaptation of an older comic book from DC titled, ‘The Losers’. It even starred Jeffrey Dean Morgan A.K.A. Negan on The Walking Dead. Well, we see the final resting place of ‘The Losers’ on Monster Island. It seems that they fell foul to these monsters and had a final stand against them. The writers used a very smart way of connecting various branches of the DC Universe.

Superman #8 feels very much like an action adventure movie. It’s full of discovery and wonder, whilst occasionally dicing with death from all angles. Although we can’t help but wonder what the point is. Is it just an attempt to drive Jon and Clark a little closer together? Is there something larger at play? Why does Krypto keep getting eaten in this series? Having said that, we’re okay with having questions – it means there’s more to come from this entertaining series. It’s fantastic to have a Superman who isn’t constantly moody or upset, but one that can be happy with his lot in life. If you’re looking for a lighthearted adventure, Superman #8 is the one for you.

8.7 Adventurous
  • Action and Adventure 9
  • Plot 8.7
  • Characters + development 8.5

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