Superman #6 brings the fight to an end.

And it’s certainly an explosive one. But it does so with a huge heart. It takes the time to bring back a beloved character from Superman’s decades old history. We won’t ruin who it is, but it rectifies a certain wrong doing from earlier on in the series. The fight itself is a riveting, action packed sequence. And the action doesn’t just end after the final blow. The writers expand the story further, as the family look at the consequences of their ordeal. And it reminds us how different this version of the Man of Steel really is.

The New 52 had Supes focused on the emotional almost teen drama aspect of Clark Kent. Whereas Superman #6 showed us the Kryptonian settled down – and the most important thing of all, happy. He’s always been the light hearted hero, very child friendly. And this issue proves it, he’s the head of a family now and that’s his most important role. And whilst the writers don’t explicitly tell us this, the entire series so far has been about protecting Lois and Jon. Not saving the world, or stopping impending doom – just protecting his family.

Superman #6

Whilst on the outside, it just looks like Superman v Maniacal Robot – it’s something a lot deeper. He;s fighting the rebirth of Kryptonian culture, sacrificing all those souls purely to be with his family. If there were any doubts about the heart and soul of this new version of Superman, this issue certainly dispelled that. We loved the inclusion of Jon in the ending of Superman #6, we’d be very surprised if he doesn’t cross over into another series (Teen Titans for example). He has the makings of a very intriguing character in his own right, not just as Superman’s son. Long story short, if you’re a Superman fan – you need to be reading this Rebirth run.

9.2 Superman is back

This issue really proved just how much heart and soul Superman has.

  • Superman 10
  • Plot 8
  • Character development 9.5

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