We made it! We beat The Man of Steel and its lacklustre ending (if you haven’t read our review series of that comic yet, you can read issue one here) and we’re shooting straight into Bendis’ follow-up, the first issue of 2018’s Superman (aptly titled, I know). Let’s not waste any time though, shall we?

The opening pages grant a recap of the results of The Man of Steel, and a deep dive straight into some of the traditional Bendis action. The art is wildly detailed and exactly as fantastic as it was in the prior series. This issue feels like a great continuation from Man of Steel, yet sets itself apart quite nicely by focussing deeply on the pain in Superman’s inner monologue. Without his family, he is left to his own devices (safe for some VERY welcome cameos) to reflect on the events of the past.

If there’s anything that was brilliantly consistent throughout The Man of Steel it was its detailed and intricate art, and the same story is told here. A two-page spread around the middle of the comic (you’ll know it when you see it) is stunning and shows us that no quality has been spared in the transition of comic to comic. This issue also balances comedy quite nicely alongside the plot to demonstrate the planet’s reliance on Superman and his responsibilities. Superman’s personality and sense of assertiveness are played on a lot throughout this issue and feel to be a large part of this series going forward.

The issue closes on a huge cliffhanger (based once again on the results of The Man of Steel) that make this series one to read going forward. An incredibly strong feeling start despite the story having started in a separate series, and the writing from Bendis makes this series feel set aside from The Man of Steel, yet also neatly intertwined. A marvellous start for Supes, making this series one to definitely follow!

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8.5 Fantastic

A beautiful, exciting and gripping start to the series!

  • Art 9
  • Characters 8.5
  • Plot 8

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