Superman #2 follows up immediately after the first issue…

So the first instalment saw Batman and Wonder Woman arrive at the Kent farm, with the young Jon Kent seeing them through the window. This issue’s story starts when Superman is taking his son on a training mission to a distress signal. And whilst it provides the action of the issue, it’s not the main focal point whatsoever. Far from it. It deals with the humanity of the Kent family and those around them. As we come to understand that the young Jon Kent is obviously half human, which comes with human weakness.

This new version of Superman feels like the “proper” version that we deserve. Whilst we personally quite liked The New 52 edition of the Man of Steel, this new one goes back to his roots. And that’s what makes Superman #2 so annoying. The story focuses more on Superman’s family and his son rather than Kal-El himself. It feels like the series should be called Superman + Son… or even The New Superboy. Especially since the story even sees Jon wear a superman shirt that resembles some of the classic Superboy costumes. We’d much rather spend a little more time seeing the new version of Superman interact with the Justice League, or even just another hero. Instead, he seems like a bit of a lone wolf.


Whilst it is a breath of fresh air from the dark and gloomy version of Clark that we’ve had during The New 52, we want to see more of Superman. It’s a good issue, and teases up a storyline that will probably span the rest of the series. Although, the creation of the villain seemed to come out of nowhere, and is a little bit far-fetched. Well, far-fetched in a comic book full of giant monsters and Supermen, of course.

The artwork of the book is fantastic, feeling like a blend of classic Superman stories and this new era in DC Comics. But we just wish that Superman #2 would focus on Kal-El a little more than it does.

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7.3 Slightly annoying

Whilst the issue itself is interesting, it's definitely brought down by it's lack of focus on Superman himself.

  • Lack of focus 5
  • Artwork 9
  • Villain creation 6
  • Superman 9

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