Superman #10 introduces Jon and Damian Wayne together.

For what feels like the millionth time we’ve said it; this series doesn’t feel like a solo Superman story, but more of a Superboy one. Luckily, it proves to be genuinely entertaining, but it’s definitely a step away from the typical Man of Steel stories. That’s largely down to the Rebirth event, but it is a breath of fresh air. The majority of the issue deals with the meeting of Superman + Jon with Batman + Damian. It’s fair to say that it doesn’t go all to well.

Damian and Jon instantly clash (especially since the former kidnaps Superboy). Their relationship feels very much like their respective Fathers’ attitudes to each other. But it’s an example of DC exploring new characters and relationships that we haven’t previously seen. And whilst side-kicks aren’t anything new – these two iterations meeting certainly is. Given their childish bickering mixed with vigilantism, it makes for a light hearted read. Superman #10 pits the two against each other – and their conflict takes up the majority of the issue. It’s a much smaller story in scale. Especially compared to the recent few issues set on Monster Island.

Whilst the pair are hugely volatile across the issue, Superman #10 uses this as a way of channelling character development for the two heroes. Even just by smaller events in the issue, we learn a lot about each of them. For example, Damian has a love for animals. So the violent ex-assassin turned vigilante has a love for all things furry… Who would’ve guessed? But on a different note, we learn that Superboy is fiercely protective of his Mother. The writers bring the pair a little closer together whilst giving a rare insight into their personalities for the reader. Superman #10 isn’t a universe spanning story but a smaller, more personal one.



8.6 A good read
  • Superboy/Damian 8.8
  • Plot 8
  • Character development 9

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