Superman #1 is still a little confusing, but an interesting one.

Whilst the Superman: Rebirth issue was relatively confusing to read, the #1 issue is a little easier in terms of narrative. It sees the Pre-Flashpoint Superman settled down with Lois and his son, Jonathan. It’s quite a small-time issue, with the main focal point being Jonathan, and his inability to control his powers. The writers are quick and unrelenting in their way of scaring the young half-human, half-kryptonian. They do so in a shocking manner that we didn’t expect, and in a way that makes the audience really feel the emotional weight behind the boy’s mistake.

Visually, the issue seems to be returning to the classic look of the hero, with his look and style returning to the slick hair and the suit we know and love. Whilst The New 52’s version of the Kryptonian was an interesting take on the character, this classic look is a welcome return. We definitely get the feeling that the writers are looking to get back to the ‘Truth, Justice and the American way’ feeling that Superman was once mainly about. Although annoyingly, Superman #1 hardly focuses on the man of steel himself. We get a insight into his homelife, but it feels more like a ‘Superboy’ #1 than anything.


This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and we’ve no doubt that they’ll probably spin the character off into his own issues. It’s interesting to see Superman settled down with a family and on a farm, an obvious callback to his childhood upbringing. The best part of the issue was definitely the appearance of Wonder Woman and Batman in the middle of the night to confront this new Superman at the farm. And when Jonathan peers out of the window, Batman shoots him a look that scares the boy half to death. Which is completely understandable, until Superman demands that his son come with him. This doesn’t particularly make sense to us, but it might get clearer in the next issue.

Superman #1 an easily readable comic, but the whole ‘second Superman’ opening was a little odd, with the Pre-Flashpoint Superman honoring the previous version at his grave. So whilst the opening might be tricky for new readers, it progresses a lot better.

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7.8 Average

It's not the best comic out of the new Rebirth titles, but it's still interesting in places. The only problem is that it feels more like a Superboy issue rather than the Man of Steel himself.

  • Jonathan's emotional mistake 9
  • Superboy? 5
  • Return to classic Superman 8
  • Wonder Woman and Batman 9

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