Supergirl #1 mixes teen drama with superheroics.

And it’s a fun read. If you’re a fan of the Supergirl tv show, you’ll recognise a lot of similar aspects in term of where it’s set and some of the characters. Although this iteration of the character is a little younger than the one we know from the series. It’s ever so slightly reminiscent of Spider-Man in places. Young teen balances going to high school and being a superhero. It’s only a comparison however, that’s about where the two split off. The most interesting part of the story is seeing Supergirl deal with modern society.

Or rather, our version of modern society anyway. Because she’s from Krypton, everything that we see as modern and a technological advance is pretty much from the stone age to her. So whilst she’s hugely intelligent and quite clearly one of the cleverest people on the planet – she has no idea how to work a projector. It’s a ‘fish out of water’ technique that works wonderfully for the narrative. Since in this continuity she’s only been on Earth a few months, she’s still not used to everything. Let alone a fully functioning member of society. What was great to see were the flashbacks to her time on Krypton that mirrored her new life on Earth. It was a clever and effective touch from the writers.

Supergirl #1

The main bulk of the plot is more about her as Kara rather than as Supergirl. And whilst that could sound a little dull, it gives her more time to flourish as an individual character rather than as a costume. We get to see her make mistakes and not be as perfect as her other Kryptonian counterpart. The ending of Supergirl #1 left on an interesting note that will certainly lead for some curious roads for Supergirl to go down. It’s a great characterised issue, and fans of Supergirl will find it pretty enjoyable.

8.3 Interesting

Supergirl manages to be light-hearted whilst detailing how she's finding her transition from Krypton to Earth.

  • Train stop 9
  • Krypton mirrored flashbacks 8
  • Plot 8

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