It’s the final issue, and Strange Attractors #5 goes all out.

The story sees Heller, a University student attempt to save New York by using maths and chaos theory. It sounds mental, but works a treat. It’s visually stunning and it’s a well written storyline that’s executed with extreme precision. We honestly couldn’t love Strange Attractors #5 enough. In a time where superheroes and the fantastical rule the comic book world – it’s breath of fresh air to read something so grounded but so brilliant at the same time. It’s so wonderfully human. It’s plausible to a point where you could believe someone doing this.

We can’t pinpoint a specific part of the story that’s brilliantly humanised, because the whole comic is as a whole. Each character we come across is fleshed out just by the dialogue, their facial expressions or even just the way in which they’re drawn on the page. And whilst Heller is the focal point of the story, New York is a wonderfully colourful character in it’s own right. It avoids the clunky method of explaining each and every action that helps change the course of the day, rather it just shows you. The positive energy put into New York at the right time helps save it. And it just works.

Is this one of the best comic books we’ve ever read? Quite possibly. It uses the real world grounding to it’s advantage. For example, when Heller is running to try and make a course correct towards the end of the issue – a lot of things go wrong. Not because of some cosmic entity or alien, but because human’s make mistakes. BOOM! Studios really have got themselves a winner here. Strange Attractors #5 is a gripping read, that creates a great ending to a great story. We wouldn’t be surprised if a sequel story is on the horizon, but we wouldn’t complain if it was a stand-alone tale either. If you’re a fan of great stories (not just comic books) we couldn’t recommend this enough.

9.5 Fantastic.

A brilliant sci-fi tale that manages to stay grounded and entertaining.

  • Plot 10
  • Characters 9
  • Art Style 10
  • Real-World Grounding 9

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