Two comics that really shouldn’t work together, but once it’s materialised – it almost makes complete sense. Why wouldn’t the Green Lanterns team up with the Enterprise crew given the chance? Star Trek/Green Lantern #1 is the follow up to the ‘Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War‘. But don’t be put off by that, this story allows new readers to jump straight into the action without reading the previous series. It brings the adventure and heart of both series together in a brilliant way. This new tale is a riveting tale that looks at the Lanterns as they search for another of their team.

It puts these characters that many sci-fi fans know and love, through the ringer as they come to terms with having to change everything they know in an effort to work together. And surprisingly, the two teams are actually a good fit. Star Trek/Green Lantern #1 doesn’t lack the character development of any of it’s characters either – taking time to enlarge each story, even if it’s only to a minimal point. Even Scotty and Star Sapphire are given their own smaller sub-plot amongst this stellar first issue. And whilst it’s inclusion feels a little forced, it’s still a nice way of combining the two teams in a way that doesn’t involve the main characters.

There’s three different colours of Lanterns in Star Trek/Green Lantern #1, Violet (Star Sapphire), the Green Lantern Corps and finally a singular Yellow Lantern; Sinestro. He seems to have formed an alliance with classic Trek villains, the Klingons. It’s another moment where the combination of characters just seems to fit perfectly together. Usually, team up/crossover events like this tend not to be very well written. But this is most definitely a brilliant way of bringing two popular science fiction franchises together to craft a genuinely intriguing storyline. Keep your eye on this one.


8.7 Intriguing

This comic series combining Star Trek and Green Lantern is a surprisingly perfect fit.

  • Plot 9.5
  • Characters 9.5
  • Forced love story sub-plot 7

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