Just when we thought that this series couldn’t get any better, All-Star Batman #6 pulls it out of the bag. It deals with Batman taking a fight to Mr. Freeze, after he presumably learns of a nefarious plan. And it doesn’t waste any time getting started. The story twists and turns in a violent, bizarre way until it reaches a fiery crescendo. The Dark Knight isn’t his normal self in this story; he’s a brutal force to be reckoned with. It doesn’t particularly focus on Batman, instead looking at his opponent in a brand new terrifying manner.

Mr. Freeze as a villain can sometimes be laughable, did someone say Arnold Schwarzenegger? This isn’t the goofy, catchphrase throwing villain from the movies. All-Star Batman #6 proves that he can be truly formidable. And in all honesty, he’s a little scary. There’s definitely a horror theme playing throughout this issue. The icy zombies are creepily unnerving, and it adds a neat little twist on the general nature of the cold criminal. If you’re not familiar with Mr. Freeze, his backstory and motivations are explained without being obvious.

But the most impressive part of All-Star Batman #6 is actually the art and the layout of the issue. It completely stands out from the majority of mainstream comics. The art is aptly like a blizzard that blows across the page, and whilst it times it almost feels disorientating – it adds to the disturbing nature of how Freeze uses his frozen victims to his advantage. You also won’t find any speech bubbles in this issue either. The text floats around the characters as they snarl their lines across at each other. We were blown away by the first 5 issues, it looks like the latest instalment is going to change the game completely. If you’re a comic book fan, let alone a fan of Batman, you need to be reading this series.


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