We’ll be honest, All-Star Batman has easily been our favourite title to come out of the Rebirth event a few months ago. Everything about it is violently spell-binding. It’s a true masterclass in comic book storytelling. And All-Star Batman #5 is no exception. It brings the storyline with Two-Face, The Penguin and KGBeast to a surprisingly heartfelt close. It’s a rip roaring race to the finish as everyone races to kill Batman for the vast sums of money on offer, but the main attraction of this issue? The final confrontation with Two-Face and Harvey.

Batman’s relationship with Two-Face as a villain has always been a strenuous one, given his prior friendship with Harvey Dent. That friendship has truly been explored in this series as the pair are stuck together for a long ride. And the line between the two isn’t as clear cut as we’ve been led to believe – with Harvey proving to be nearly as devilish as his counterpart. Two-Face is one of the most famous Batman villains, but the exploration of his fractured mentality in this story has been phenomenal.

The art of this series has been truly outstanding. Each punch thrown looks weighty and brutal. Whilst each sneer and threat from Two-Face is sinister and borderline terrifying. And that’s down to the incredible talents of John Romita Jr. His unique art style lends itself perfectly to All-Star Batman #5 and the whole series in a way that throws it’s characters across the storyline without any remorse. And then there’s the fantastically complex writing of Scott Snyder. He’s written all of the characters in this story with complete purpose, regardless of how big or small – everyone is there for a reason. And it’s clear just how much depth all of the main characters are given. It’s one of those books that grabs you right from the get go.

This story doesn’t miss a single beat. If we had to recommend one series out of the Rebirth event, it’s All-Star Batman.

9.7 Incredible
  • Plot 10
  • Art 9.5
  • Writing 9.5

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